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As a young man, John was fit and sporting. Playing Rugby Union for over twenty years, encouraged in the early days by a school that was run on the same lines as Gordonstoun, giving shape and discipline to a sometimes precarious early life. This fitness was enhanced by working part time jobs in farming, as a leather factory packer and security guard, but probably not helped, for a short time, by selling ice cream! His professional working life was spent as a Metallurgical Engineer, Marketing Manager, Export Sales Manager, Implementation Manager and Managing Director of his own company. Thirty five years spent, apparently in a creative desert, raising a family and pursuing a career, probably enriched his experience, because his renaissance, on retirement, realised a hidden creative talent as a blogger and poet. He also enjoys music, with a piano and a forty-five year old Yamaha FG140 acoustic guitar. He sings bass in three singing groups: as a founding member of a mixed voice chamber choir, Fox Valley Voices; a member of one of the top barbershop choruses in the UK, Hallmark of Harmony (the Sheffield Barbershop Harmony Club) and a mixed barbershop quartet, Needle & Fred. He is also a would be (once upon a time) photographer with drawers full of his own history, and an occasional, but lapsed 'film' maker. In his other life, he doubles as a Husband, Father, Grandfather, Brother, Uncle, Cousin, Friend and Family man. What he writes is autobiographical and very often pins his colours to the mast. In 2013, he completed an anthology of the poetry (including his own) of an international group of nine poets, who met on Twitter. He produced, edited and steered the product of this work, "Petrichor Rising", to publication by Aquillrelle.

The Honeymoon’s Over

Spring’s promise of high summer has passed, the lush greens gone, and now less vibrant. Parched. Stale somehow. Disappointing. The promise so much sweeter than reality; the heady warmth; sun filled days and mirage haze the balmy heat, hot naked … Continue reading

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Big Questions

They could not see the end of their noses the end of the last century the end of infantry and cavalry of Boys Own battles and yet they stand today in ceremony, the successors and descendants of those, who may … Continue reading

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Their wayward spirits pull in opposition to wavering forces of parental aspiration. They threaten fraying threads in seams of bedlam’s bursting bag that barely contains the chaos. The morning school run a controlled explosion ruthless and well oiled the caring … Continue reading

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The Chalice

Dear Earth, you are a sacred aqueous Isle in a dark and endless sea of universe. You may never reveal your strategy. We may be  bound  by  genetic code to the presupposing chemical destiny of one great astrophysical master plan for all … Continue reading

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On One of My Tomorrows

(for Celia) Our last goodbye was casual as if I would see you again on one of my tomorrows I touched your arm you flinched. In pain. I felt persistent guilt Born of carelessness only nervous uncertainty could freely demonstrate Born … Continue reading

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Head Over Heals

So soon, familiar sounds again, the birds are on the wing. A starling, dizzy, calling his mate head over heals we sing. The grass is growing faster underneath our feet and here we are, like Arab Spring, where two extremists meet. It’s difficult to … Continue reading

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A Sonnet for Leila

The narrow path that sometimes seems too long, dim crescent moon in deeply dark night sky and have they ever made you feel the throng of voices on your eardrum, ask you why, but never seem to show the way … Continue reading

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Comment for Kole

Never expecting too much of life Is like preparing to be surprised. When all it throws at you is bad news, it comes good! Then you popped your head above the parapet to say Hello, it’s me, I’m here! Where’s … Continue reading

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do not make war, a poem

Originally posted on THE POET BY DAY:
View of Cliff House from Ocean Beach 1. it must be painful for them to write, those poets in tough-times and hard places where blood and tears and poverty contaminate the air, stain…

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A Ritual for Peace

If there were ever worthier cause than this, then tell me please. To start and think how each and every step we take will mark the ground. Enduring footprints, howsoever small, one day will rise in thousands, coalesce into a … Continue reading

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